Afraid of SPIDERS???

Spiders can be really (REALLY!) scary for some of us! I am usually not afraid of them, even though I still remember watching Black Widow’s legs in the midst of Bolivian jungle at night… well, that was quite SOMETHING! (we were with an expert guide by the way, don’t worry!)

Well, as many guitarists already know, spiders should be something to imitate when dealing with the left hand movement. I still remember the funniest page within Scott Tennant’s “Pumping Nylon” book:


Pumping Nylon – page 24

This kind of exercise has a longer story indeed, that can be traced back to Abel Carlevaro’s “Cuadernos” and even as far as Emilio Pujol’s “Escuela Razonada de la Guitarra“.

My friend and colleague Giorgio Napolitani sent me a “Spider” exercise some time ago from his “Appunti di Tecnica Chitarristica” (“Notes on Guitar Technique”),  a book due to be published on October 2020. I have found it really interesting and I have decided to record it, so here you have it:



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         P.S. If you want to develop your left hand even further, don’t forget to check out as well this exercise I have uploaded some weeks ago:                 “El Pitillo” by Daniel Fortea, a slur study for left hand ALONE! 


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