Manuel María Ponce

6 Preludios Fáciles per Chitarra

New edition based on the autograph manuscript – Preface by Angelo Gilardino

  • Editor: Flavio Nati
  • Publisher: Ut Orpheus

This edition is intended as a tribute to Manuel María Ponce for the 70th year of his death and is aimed at correcting, through comparison with autographs, the numerous alterations of the text that appear in the first (and only) Peer edition of the 1953. Given the didactic intent of the collection, particular importance was given to the choice of the fingering. However, it is intended in a coloristic and therefore often non-trivial sense, with various passages or single notes in high positions for expressive purposes, and is aimed at enhancing these Preludes, characterized by a simple, clear and yet full of subtle nuances. Obviously, they are intended as a suggestion and can be adapted to the most diverse technical and didactic needs. In this edition, it was preferred to use the original title of 6 Preludios Fáciles in place of that of the 1953 publication, 6 Preludios Cortos.